How To Choose An Interior Design Company For Your Home

You may at one point need to engage the services of an interior design company. You could be settling into a new house, or you may want to give a new life to your old home as you still live in it, or so that you give your house a fresh new look so as to fetch a higher price while you sell it. The services of an interior design expert will come in handy in enabling you to get the results that you expect. You may engage the experts for a short term contract or take the long contract to deliver on a big project that will involve a lot of work. The following are some tips on how to choose an interior design company for your home.

Tips to choose an interior design company

The reputation of the interior design company

You would rarely go wrong on choosing a good interior design company if you requested your friends and family members to refer you to some experts they may have engaged in the past. You will have seen their work, got to know how they charge for their services and their commitment to delivering within the stipulated timeline. You could also check on the Internet for reviews of various interior design companies or visit various companies’ websites to get as much information on them as possible.


The similarity of the projects handled with yours

You need to peruse through the list of the projects handled by the interior design company to find out how similar they are to your project. The finished work pictures should give you an idea of how your home will look like once the work is done. It is wise to consider any unique needs you may have, for instance, extra-large or below-average space, and settle for a design expert that has ever handled such.


The experience of any professional is crucial to avoid giving a new entrant into the market a very costly project only for them to mess with it. You may need to find out how long a design company has been operating, how many projects it has handled and the experience of its pool of staff. Also, seek to ascertain the expert’s experience in home design other than corporate design. You may engage an interior design firm that mostly deals with corporate clients and in the end not get the value for your money as they may not deliver the warm home ambiance you anticipated.

The Budget

The amount of money you have set aside for the design project should guide you on the firm to engage depending on their charges. You need to shop around as you get quotes for your work and the services rendered by each firm. The results, as seen in their completed projects, should also be what you anticipate for your home. You can then choose a few of the interior design companies and get to meet their representatives to negotiate and agree on the work to be done against the cost.


It is important not to settle for the cheapest firm whose results are in doubt. You would rather go for a firm that will do excellent work but may have to make you add a little money to what you had budgeted for.…

Sweet Dreams Inn Victorian Bed Breakfast

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Welcome to Sweet Dreams Inn Victorian Bed & Breakfast of Bay Port, Michigan

Our 1890 Victorian Mansion overlooks Lake Huron, is on 4 acres, and has 5 Themed Guest Rooms. We are open year round. Sweet Dreams Inn Victorian Bed & Breakfast of Bay Port was established in 2001, is off M-25, just S. of Caseville & Port Austin in Michigans Thumb Area. One tank trip from Metro Detroit & Tri-Cities, 1 minute to free state boat launch, great hunting & fishing.

Our Inn is known to be haunted and is very active. You may or may not have a personal paranormal experience during your stay. We are currently in 5 haunted travel books and one documentary called “Haunted Sweet Dreams Inn” by the group called “Michigan Uncovered”. Due to the hauntings, many guests don’t make it through their stay! NO REFUNDS. No exceptions. We also do guest group ghost hunts with SE MICHIGAN paranormal society group & 10-12 guests, extra costs. Call today, if you Dare? Sleep with one eye open~


We will now be offering packages & hosting new events {Call to set-up your special event/party, sleepover, getaway, bar crawl with party bus or limo- Extra Costs for ANY OF these services will apply & per availability} NO DISCOUNTS, gift certificates, or coupons on special packages.


Birthday Parties- 30,40, 50, 60- Make it a special getaway with a group of friends, Slumber Parties, Red Hatters Parties, Scrapbookers Retreat, Girls Night Out Getaway, Deer Hunter Widows Getaway, Bachelorette Party/Slumber Party/with Limo or Party Bus, Bar Crawl Package with Party Bus or Limo, Fall Color Tour with Limo or Party Bus, Victorian Christmas Tour of Inn, Baby Showers, Bridal Showers, Deer/Duck Hunters/Fisherman Package with Limo or Party Bus, Market Day Event- Vendors, Crafters, Artists & Local Authors, Teddy Bear Tea Party, Wakes, Small Weddings, etc. You can also come here and celebrate as you await for your newly designed home or office with tpg 12 month contract.

**You can add Limo/Party Bus, or massages to any package, with extra costs & number of people in group minimum.
Call today to book your special package! Call for RESERVATION 586-322-6170 & LEAVE A MESSAGE.…

Five Proper Property Management Tips

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When looking for asset management services, you will come across many options online. Most companies offer almost similar services but at varying prices. However, the quality can make a huge difference. The right asset manager will help in reducing expenses while raising the value of your asset.r4t5rhgfds

Property management tips will help you

1. Look for experience

Before hiring any property manager, it’s a grand idea to find out how long they have been in the market. Expert property managers do not require much time to fill vacancies. Moreover, they are well conversant with the current housing laws in your area. And that is not all. They liaise with licensed and vendors who can provide first class results cost effectively without wasting your time. Don’t forget to ask the company the number of units under their management currently. Make sure the company is a full-time property management company that does not involve itself in other side businesses.

2. Knowledge of the area

A good property management company must have a real mastery of the local area. Find out from a property manager all the factors that can affect the rates such as school zones and other local factors. A reputable manager should provide you with a detailed evaluation of the area and an idea of the prices without even looking for the property. They should be aware of the transportation system and local amenities available within the area. If you find out that a property manager is not familiar with the area and the primary factors that affect the rates, move to the next company.

3. Location

You property manager should have an office located close to your property. This will make the process of assets management much easier. In fact, they will be able to meet vendors and contractors, find tenants, showcase property, and take care of all other aspects of property management without delays or difficulties.

4. Maintenance handling

Ensure that you pick a property management service that quickly responds to emergency maintenance needs. For instance, a property manager should be able to provide an immediate response if there if a plumbing dilemma in the middle of the night. The perfect asset management company sets aside a fund for handling any emergency repairs. You will settle the amount. Ask the property manager the measures they will put in place to ensure that the costs remain low. Additionally, ask the property management service how they examine your property for damages and repairs when an old tenant leaves and a new one comes.

5. Cost

ewr4t5rdrsTypically, property managers earn money from their clients by charging a leasing and management fee. A good fraction of the companies also charges renewal fees. Before hiring any property manager, it’s a good idea to find out all the details about their charges in the agreement to discover if there are any hidden costs for eviction, promotion, maintenance just to mention a few.

When choosing a property management company, you should be prepared for the change especially if you are managing everything yourself. You should be ready to hand over the property as well as the control. Ensure that the company you settle for will do everything on your behalf.…

Tips When Investing In Real Estate

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As an investor having a diversified portfolio is a good way to ensure you are covered regarding risk. Among the lucrative portfolios to have include real estate. It may seem overwhelming especially to new investors who may not have mastered how to handle this kind of investment. Below are some of the tips when investing in real estate.

Treat it as a business of any other kind

rt546ytughftgerReal estate is a business and should be treated as such. One should develop a good plan which will entail how the business will be started and run. It should be complete with realistic and achievable goals within reasonable timelines. One may seek the services of a professional business plan writers to help them draw this up by providing them with the necessary information.

Ensure you have a good credit report

This will come in handy when you need financing. One should ensure they have a high credit score so that the lender will have confidence when lending you the needed capital. One’s ratio of debt to monthly income should also be low. This will be an indication to the lender that you will be in a position to afford the monthly repayment installments. One can also pay their credit card debts or loan installments so as to improve their debt ratios.

Having a good mortgage broker

One can consult the realtors in their local area to find good mortgage brokers. These brokers are necessary even before one starts to do a search of the property. For those paying in cash, they will need to prove the availability of funds by providing a most recent bank statement when making an offer.

Find good property location

Some investors often make the mistake of searching for property within their local vicinity only. However, it is important to note that some other good property may be found away from where one is currently. Some investors often think that they should be near their property in case the tenants call for repairs. However, one should note that if proper repairs and maintenance is done before the tenants move in then, there will be no need to have many calls from tenants.r4trhgfdrgse

Network with other real estate investors

One should ensure that they join a club which has other real estate investors on board. Such clubs have the lenders, brokers and repair services provider as well. One gets access to important investment information from such clubs since they interact with the other people who have experience in this kind of investment.

Use multiple sources for purchase of property

One should consider using Local Multiple Listing Services. One can also find out property on auction sites. Auction sites provide good deals just like foreclosure properties. Alternatively, some may be gotten by asking around one’s neighborhood where they can find property for sale.

With these tips, one can comfortably invest in real estate even if they are new to the market. With time they will find a way to stay in the market and generate high profits from it.…